Monday, July 19, 2010

What I did yesterday...

Put on a bike race....

Saw many years of work captured in ink on a fan's shoulder

A good day indeed.

Check out more photos of the Ft Collins New Belgium Urban Assault Ride here.

Thanks so much to all the riders, sponsors, and volunteers that made such a killer event possible!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

scenes from the bike

In between putting on bike races and pecking away at the computer, we like to ride bikes.

Here are some things we've seen from the bike this week....

Found some new trails in Boulder county. Old mining roads out of Jamestown. Pretty fun to ride on a weekend and see nobody on the trail. We did climb for 3 hours though.

Here's an old miner's shack, these days nothing but rat droppings and beer cans. I can just imagine some dudes sitting around looking at gold nuggets - back in the day

this is a Columbine flower - the state flower of Colorado. Also the name of an infamous school. I like the flower better

In case you didn't hear, Jackie (the UAR Race Director) is pregnant. Here's here happy belly

Mr Ben May - haven't ridden a MTB with this fellow since college in 1995.
Here he is learning how rewarding the downhills are - after realizing how altitude effects das lungs.