Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fruita bound!

It's almost spring in Colorado with weather in the high 50's. That means it's time for a trip out to Fruita, CO.

Miles and miles of beautiful singletrack, great pizza, and good friends. This is why we picked up and moved to Colorado.

It's just about time that it's warming up. I'm starting to get a little sick of this...
but I guess that's what you get for growing a mustache in the winter time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Always searching

We are always searching for new crazy obstacle ideas. Most we come up with ourselves, but sometimes we look for outside inspiration. We've always talked about the cool challenges on American Gladiators. So now, the show is back on the air and we've been doing a little research.

Honestly, I think most of the show is staged like pro wrestling. I mean - come on Hulk Hogan is the MC! There seems to be way too much drama on the final obstacle course. Nonetheless - I'd love to give that course a shot myself. It just doesn't seem THAT hard.

So in my research, I came across this little gem from the original American Gladiators series (way back when it was on after SNL). Check it out...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Went in to Ft Collins to take care of some business today. 1st stop was a visit with James from Black Sheep. He's got a sweet studio where he builds some of the coolest bikes know to man. But he was running a bit late, so I went for a cruise. I rode up around Horsetooth. The cool thing is - the last time I did this ride was way back in '94...my freshman year in college. Good ol' Benny Boy was going to school at CSU and I came up for a visit. I borrowed a bike, wore boots and Dickies, and had just an awesome ride. I took this photo on that ride...

So today - I found myself on the same trail (and I also happened to be wearing street clothes). So I had to smile and enjoy the memory. Then I took this shot...from close to the same place. Not the best photo...but a fun cruise nonetheless.
This is why I think it's always a good idea to bring a bike along - you never know when your days allows a fun little ride.

So then it was time to head back to see James. He just got back from the North American Handmade Bike Show - where he won the award for the sweetest titanium bike. This exact bike as a matter of fact...
Such nice bikes - titanium, swoopy, light, damn sexy.
Then it was on to New Belgium to pick up some items for a new obstacle idea. No photos of this yet - I'll post some when we test them out. Rest assured, it'll be a fun funky obstacle - maybe a little challenging too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

When we were in Portland planning out the event, we stopped by the NAHBS. Here's a sweet frame from the show - nice, huh?
Jackie and I were both excited to pick up some new rides this year. I'm excited about a new 29er and she wants a single speed road bike with a front rack for around-town errands.