Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Wheel prepping...

The whole team chipped in to tune the Big Wheels today - even Maple and Rasta.

Our man Tim went for his very 1st big wheel ride...after eating his tasty cheese crackers as you see here. It was a touching moment. He's soon to be VERY acquainted with the in's and out's of the big wheel world. We picked up 6 new PINK Trek Mods this year. And we replaced all the wheels so the rest of the fleet are power-slide ready. And adding these to our fleet brings our grand total to 31 big wheels. Is there a bigger big wheel fleet in the country?

AZ folks are signing up in droves. Could Tucson be bigger than Minneapolis was last year?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring snow and Trampoline marraige proposals

They say that March is the snowiest month in Colorado. It was hard to believe on Sunday when I rode in shorts and a sleeveless jersey (and got a sun burn).Sure enough...it snowed.

When the sun is out in town, it's hard for me to make it up to the mountains. However, we have a busy season coming up so I figured I'd get my fill.

Today, I escaped to Eldora for a few runs. It snowed 9" yesterday so I figured it would be a good time to make it happen. Since I went solo, I had some interesting chair lift conversations. Here are some highlights:
  • I learned from a Colorado State probation officer that meth is the white rural drug of choice and that it's the bane of Colorado's drug society.
  • I learned that Haworth the office furniture company is $400million off on 2009's revenue. Ouch.
  • I learned that somehow when I'm in my snowboard gear I look like a CU college student (that's what everybody assumed)
  • Last week, I was in Boulder with my Uncle and saw a 'Student Taxi' pick up a young lady on Walnut street. I assumed this was a free service for college students who want a free ride home so they don't have to drive drunk. Now...looking at this service after my college years, I realize what a great job this must be for the young fellow driving these ladies home. Today, I sat next to a Student Taxi Volunteer driver on a chair lift. It turns out it's pretty much a dream job....but does require some back seat clean ups from time to time.
  • Finally - I learned that being a car washer/handyman at Boulder's Porsche dealership can lead to numerous 'cougar' encounters (on the job), many free meals, and the occasional chance to drive a Carerra GT.
And since this was most likely my last time boarding for the 2008/2009 season, I thought it was appropriate to video my last ride down the hill. Be warned, I'm not much of a snowboarder after having cracked my helmet a few times during my 1st season. I like to think I make up for it on the bike. So, if you're bored and like Beastie Boys instrumentals, check this out....

Last night we went to Mr. Swift's lady's B-Day party and got to witness something truly special.
Jesse grabbed the mic at JumpStreet and I thought for sure he was going to throw down some freestylin' lyrics. But no! It turns out we witnessed a big turn in the lives of Jesse and Jessica.
The moment of truth....
Jessica accepts!!!
Jesse holds Jessica in a loving embrace.

So what do you do when you're at a trampoline-filled dodgeball facility after you become engaged to be married? Well... you jump for joy of course.

Jackie was happy for them too! I'd have done a flip, but didn't want to show anybody up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Interesting few day in the world of cycling....

Here are the highlights...

1. Mark Cavendish showed the world what's up at Milan-San Remo. This has always been a race that stands out to be because it is 298km. To those of you not familiar with the metric system, this is 185 miles...in one day... at race pace...with the best riders in the world.
It was a super close victory and it again proves that Cav is perhaps the fastest man on a bike.

However, as cool as this victory was, it's not as cool as the salute he gave at a stage win during the Tour of California....

2. Lance broke his collar bone. Levi and Contador were devastated.
3. A new study was released regarding Viagra being a performance enhancer for cyclists. Riders in clinical trials experienced up to 15% gains. I didn't read the article all the way through, so I'm not sure if this means speed or distance or length. Seems to me this might have some negative side effects - especially when you're in an aero-tuck and have to look down to see what gear you're in.

4. In the world of the UAR, we found a new bike for the mini-bike limbo competition. It looks like it has a nice SLR saddle and skyway mags. Sweet. I'm predicting under two feet this year.

Hope you all are riding! Spring is just about here!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stevil Kinevil: the next New Belgium Brewing UAR hero!

When we choose our New Belgium UAR Heroes, we put ourselves through a rigorous process involving deep consternation, intricate due diligence, and many sleepless nights. And this month, the phoenix to rise from the ashes is none other than Swobo/HTATBL's Stevil Kinevil. You see, Stevil and the Swobo crew do a helluva job pumping out sustainable clothing and killer urban bikes for our lifestyle. And they do with such Xtreme style and justifiable irreverence. I asked them to answer the following questions and send over some photos/images/art that best represents them. Here's what Stevil sent our way....
Here's a photo of Mister Kinevil narrowly escaping the clutches of a Northern California bear. Why else would he ride such a nice bike down such a steep rock, risking life and powder coating? Sheer bravery I tell you.
Apparently the Stevil name is making its way around the world with such momentum that retail stores are opening, just to capitalize on the legendary brand. For example take this upscale chandelier boutique, in what looks to be Romania. It's great to see the Stevil-brand globally diversifying - it's the prudent thing to do in this tumultuous economy.
Here's a photo of Stevil taking his morning walk. He does this to warm up his legs before his bike commute to work. He knows the importance of a proper warm up prior to heavy exertion. Smart man.
And the man not only rides bicycles, he also celebrates their two-wheeled glory in his artwork. For example, the above poster reflects his deep admiration of the bike messenger culture - or perhaps he's just stating the obvious - that "his job is better then your job."
Sometimes, you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you rock a microphone when dressed like a member of Kiss. Sometimes you ride a cyclocross bike when dressed like a member of Kiss. You know how it is. (editors note: Stevil sent a correction on this: Oh, by the way, I wasnt a guy from KISS, I was actually dressed as Gaahl from Gorgoroth. I had a rainbow devil horn on my shirt that said 'respect the rainbow' due to the fact that Gaahl had just recently come out of the closet.)
One example of the detailed designs that spill from the mind of Stevil. Much much more, as well as his famous stickers can be found here.

As with all of the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride heroes...Stevil and the Swobo crew will be rewarded with free entries in the pedal-powered bike scavenger hunt of their choosing. Not to mention clothing items for their heads, feet, arms, and soul.

Now - I'd like to present Stevil's answers to some of life's most important questions....
  • Complete this sentence: “There are few problems the bike can’t solve, for example-"... For some reason the tank on my toilet in my bathroom wont always fill automatically. I actually have to turn the water off and then back on again. I'm reasonably sure there isn't a bike that can fix that problem. (editor's note: actually I'm pretty sure a bike could be used to solve this problem. Just see what they're doing with bikes in the tennis industry)
  • What are you personally doing to make bikes and sustainability part of every day life? As I have always done, I try and go through each day with what kind of impression I'm leaving behind me not far from my mind. I attempt to make a similar impact on my surroundings as if I didn't exist at all. Of course that is impossible, but I try and be conscious of that every day. As far as making bikes a part of my every day life, that's easy. I ride one to work, I ride one to the store, I ride one for recreation, I ride one to the movies.. In fact several years ago I was suffering from an Appendicitis and I felt guilty about driving to the hospital.
  • Roth or Hagar? Man, screw you. I'm insulted that this question would even be asked. Diamond Dave for ever and ever.
  • What’s the best bike ride you’ve ever been on and why? The last one and the next one. It beats the hell out of being sick, or walking, or sitting in a car, or being at work, or being audited, or getting a Colonoscopy, or going to the DMV, or watching romantic comedies starring Keanu Reeves, or washing dishes, or going to step class.
  • Tell us a story about you as a kid riding bikes. I was super into BMX, and I wanted so badly to be sponsored by Kuwahara. I sent them a sponsorship proposal when I guess I was nine, and though I didn't have any race results, I let them know all about how high I could jump, and how fast I could ride the length of my driveway, and so on.. Needless to say I didn't make the cut, and I was crushed.
  • What other bike/beer related info do you have to throw down? Asking me that is like asking a fish to tell you a story about swimming.
So there you have it folks. This post tells you a bit about people and things that we admire and if you think you're up our alley...then send Josh your story and perhaps....perhaps....you could be the next New Belgium Urban Assault Ride Hero.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Drunk Leprechaun...it's official

Congrats to Tim.

In a mere two months, he went from this...
...to this.

It was perhaps the most fantastic transformation I've ever experienced first hand. And it wasn't just me. The public praised him lavishly. Congrats to my man Tim with the 'Drunk Leprechaun' stache. For the Grand Prize of the 2009 UAR mustache contest...I've got a purple-panted, studded-suspendered, beautifully-mustached love doll with your name on it. Maybe one day....one day....I'll be able to to develop flowing lip hair like you, my friend.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Free pair of socks to the 1st person who tells me how many New Belgium bottles you see.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mustache Ride 2009

It was a weekend full of facial hair, bike polo, and alter egos. Here's how it went down...

Saturday on the way to Hall Ranch, Lawyer Eric and I noticed a commotion going on at Planet Bluegrass. We went into see what was up and I noticed mullets, mustaches, and mallets. I realized it had to be The Colorado Can Cup - a bike polo tourney in Lyons. I had planned to put a team together, but totally spaced it. Oh well - I got to experience the fun nonetheless and drink a couple Gordons too!
Our friends at the Pro's Closet put together a smashing team. With a large supply of some of the best vintage gear in the cycling/outdoor word, you know they were stylin.
Check out this airbrushed Scott Moninger shirt. Wow - I hope they have one in my size.
On Sunday, we hit the road for the official 2009 mustache ride. It celebrated the end of the 2-month long mustache contest. I for one was very happy for this to come to an end. Although we work in a nontraditional industry filled with bike shops and breweries I have to wonder what most folks thought of the burly handlebar stache I was throwing down for a couple months.
Before the party, we hit the trails on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Yours truly - in a trimmed down conquistador style.

And finally....the contestants fully primped and trimmed!

Matt "The Mel Gibson"
Jesse "The Lemmy"
Colin "The Hairy Caterpillar"
Tate the "Donnie Wahlberg"
Tim "The Drunk Leprechaun"
Josh "The bald Inigo Montoya"
Dr Mindbender - with the 'What's wrong with wearing purple pants, knee pads, and metal-studded suspenders?" mustache.

We need your help with the judging! The mustache with the most votes gets to keep the Dr Mindbender figure above.

Friday, March 6, 2009

St Louis Adventures

In each city we visit, we do our best to take in the local flora and fauna. St Louis blew us away. We had no idea how cool of it city StL is! We can't wait for the UAR there this August. The photo above is of the monstrous jungle gym at the City Museum.
We did take in some Flaura (thanks to Carl at A&M bikes for the recommendation) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. These were some of the coolest orchids we've ever seen.
We walked from our hotel to Schlafly Brewery for dinner and couple beers. We were amazed at the architecture, style, and abundance of cool, out of the ordinary things to see. Most of the night time photos didn't turn out unfortunatly.
This morning, we hit City Museum before our flight out. It's this crazy cool place where you can crawl, climb, explore, and see some of St Louis's salvaged materials. It seems that almost everything is recycled - made of used materials.
The outside MonstoCity was the coolest. There were 3 story slides, tunnel grids 60ft off the ground (which I'm in below) and ball pits. It was sooo sweet!

Inside, there were all sorts of rooms. Some with turtles, a life-size walk through whale, a labyrinth-like cave and some really cool salvaged building facades and ornaments from old StL buildings.
This is the ramp room. I've never seen stacked quarter pipes before.
I really wanted my bike in these cool bowls
Antique fun house amusements - with shap-changing mirrors, old pin ball games, and fortune tellers.
And of course, some history like this fellow sporting some inpiration for this weekend's mustache contest.
Being a Man of the Turtles, I found the turtle exhibit very enjoyable. We even rescued a turtle that escaped the tank.In the cave, I uncovered this topless lass hidden amoung the levels
Here's an antique Wurlitzer organ. I wish I could have heard it!
But the coolest thing of them all was the MonstoCity. We're going to see what we can do to bring the UAR racers in here!
And before we knew it, we were back at the airport ready to take off. Unfortunatly, our plane was not one of these cool stretch models.

We can't wait to be back!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New from St Louis....

We're rocking and rolling in STL this week, setting up another midwest UAR. Things are rolling along smooth as a fresh set of tubeless tires on Colorado single track.
The flight to STL looks like we're taking on a puddle jumper heading to some exotic island location. Nope - we got placed in the last row, next to the bathroom. Nice. Next time you book a flight beware of United "express" flights. But we made it there.
We checked into our hotel room and saw this huge arch outside of our window. I'm going to tell the gov't in Longmont how cool it was. Maybe they'll put one of these bad boys in our hometown. But seriously, the Arch is a sight to see. It's HUGE and it's been here since the 1940s. I can only imagine how cool it was to see when it 1st went up.
In between meetings, we took in a STL tourist attraction - the Anheiser Busch tour. Being quote familiar with New Belgium's size and production, the scale of AB was really amazing. The place was classy indeed.
AB has huge smoke stacks.
NBB has a methane bubble where the methane produced in the brewing process is recollected and used to heat the brewery.
AB has a fleet of montrous horses. Good lookin', but you can't ride them
NBB has a fleet of bikes...and you CAN ride them!
AB has tour guides that escort 2000 visitors a day.
NBB has a slide that accellerates you to 2000mph...well almost.
AB has a tasting room with plenty of flavors. One interesting flavor that was quite popular was Stella Artois. Since they've been aquired by InBev of Belgium, they're selling other brands. Kinda funny to me that all these folks took the tour to learn the splendor of AB, only to drink another company's beer that essentially did a hostile take-over. Jackie chose some American Ale.

Tomorrow - off to STL's bike shops. More stories soon...