Friday, February 22, 2008

Went in to Ft Collins to take care of some business today. 1st stop was a visit with James from Black Sheep. He's got a sweet studio where he builds some of the coolest bikes know to man. But he was running a bit late, so I went for a cruise. I rode up around Horsetooth. The cool thing is - the last time I did this ride was way back in ' freshman year in college. Good ol' Benny Boy was going to school at CSU and I came up for a visit. I borrowed a bike, wore boots and Dickies, and had just an awesome ride. I took this photo on that ride...

So today - I found myself on the same trail (and I also happened to be wearing street clothes). So I had to smile and enjoy the memory. Then I took this shot...from close to the same place. Not the best photo...but a fun cruise nonetheless.
This is why I think it's always a good idea to bring a bike along - you never know when your days allows a fun little ride.

So then it was time to head back to see James. He just got back from the North American Handmade Bike Show - where he won the award for the sweetest titanium bike. This exact bike as a matter of fact...
Such nice bikes - titanium, swoopy, light, damn sexy.
Then it was on to New Belgium to pick up some items for a new obstacle idea. No photos of this yet - I'll post some when we test them out. Rest assured, it'll be a fun funky obstacle - maybe a little challenging too.

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