Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scenes from Austin

We're finally getting some photos in from the Austin New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride. Man-o-man...what a blast it was!
A whole lot of styrofoam
Sol and Nathan (AKA Boris and Yefginy) - the proud owners of two New Belgium Cruisers
...From the bottle's perspective - otherwise known as beer goggles

100 custom UAR beach balls to play with
Sorry guys - you can't keep them
big wheels - yay. We see lots of big wheel photos and this fellow is quite happy that we took the brakes off the one he's on.

I totally did the headdresses. They must have Cherokee roots like me.You're actually supposed to put your whole head through the hole in the basket - but somebody didn't tell this guy. Oh well.
Just a couple of chicks in lederhosen

Kreutz Photography took these photos and they'll have photos of you up shortly.

In other news...Bruno comes out tomorrow. I seriously doubt it'll be as incredible as Borat, but I'm sure there will be plenty of akward homophobia. We'll be there at the 1st showing.

In other other news...the Big Wheel Rally is in Boulder this weekend. You could win a team entry in the UAR if you're lucky.

more news...Mr Swift is tying the knot this weekend. Here's a photo of his unofficial bachelor party bike ride.
More news...we sent out the June UAR newsletter yesterday. You didn't get it? Well, here it is.

That's all for now folks. Best of rides, Josh

P.S. It was rather pretty up in Breckenridge for the FireCracker 50...

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