Sunday, January 17, 2010

pretty clever

A packable (flat) foldable, recyclable bike helmet.

..but I don't know if I'd trust it to hard knock to the noggin. It kinda reminds me of the leather hairnet helmets that protect against 'abrasions'. But somehow, when falling off a bike and hitting that oh-so-unforgiving concrete, I'm concerned about severe head trauma - not abrasions. You know?
In other news...Tara Llanes is back again, this time on 4 wheels. Big props to Tara and for all of us able to ride on two wheels...we need to carpe diem - everyday. For a little background on her, check this out.

I read a book called Born to Run - which I really enjoyed. It's about ultra endurance running, the Tarahumara indians, and how running shoes are apparently the cause of so many injuries. Not only did it inspire me to run a lot more, but I think that I want to try a pair of these this summer...

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