Monday, February 15, 2010

Pancakes, the North Face, and a good ol' style russian hoe down.

Valentine's Day - a day to love and celebrate what is lovely. For us this mean food, bikes, and music.

Heart-shaped coconut pancakes kicked off the day and filled the belly.
Then Lawyer Eric and I took to the cold wintery trails of Boulder County. Since it wasn't going to be above freezing all day, there was no worry about mud or wet trails. There was also a brief snow shower the night before which gave us fresh tracks.
We rode Hall ranch, up Antelope, did the loop, then back down the rock garden. This photo is what the trail looked like for the majority of the ride. It's north-facing and quite snowy. This is where the brand the North Face gets its namesake. The north face of a mountain always has the coldest, harshest conditions. A true place for adventure. Eric and I pedaled along, concentrating on our lines. You had a roll on top of old foot prints. If your wheel slid off, your tire would sink hub deep. It was fun and a very different Hall Ranch experience.
Then we rolled over the top and hit the south side. What a difference a little sunshine makes, huh? This was a good thing since we didn't really want to ice skate down the rock garden. A great ride - so nice to be back on the mountain bike.
Then Jackie and I headed to the Fox theater to see Devotchka. It was our 1st time seeing them perform. If you've got a hankering for eclectic rock with a russian ho-down influence then check out Devotchka. We're talking tuba, accordian, trumpets, and one of those eerie electric resonating instruments. Oh..and did I mention trapeze/ribbon performers?
A good valentine's day to say the least. I hope all you urban assaulters had a good one too!

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