Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pretty bikes, BlakRoc, and The Beer Book!

For those of you readers who happen to like bicycles (all of you), we've checked lots of photo galleries for our favorite bikes from the North American Handmade Bike Show. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to go this year, but after seeing all these photos...we know we'll be back.
This is a Black Cat. You can tell by the awesome design for the rear dropout/chain tensioner. I also like the hole in the seat tube for a ulock to pass though. Very clever.
Here's a cool Independent Fabrications. I like it when bikes are versatile. This is a Ti 29er single speed frame. In the summer, you can run standard 29er wheels (this has a multispeed Rohloff hub which works to make the bike geared). In the winter, the bike is designed to accommodate fatty 3" large marge rims and tires. Quite handy for those that don't want a dedicated 'snow bike' to ride only a few times a year.
This Groovy Cycles MTB is just that - groovy.
How about a carbon fiber/walnut veneer waterbottle cage?
Speaking of bottle cages, how about some Blacksheep welded on titanium cages?

Here's an interesting design. This is an electric folding design. REAL bikes are simpler and cooler in my opinion..but this is a pretty killer design!

In music news, we just heard that the Black Keys are coming out with a new album. We also just found out about BlakRoc. A collaboration with 11 hip hop artists and the Black Keys. RZA, ODB, Qtip, MosDef, Lenny Kravitz...all putting down rhymes to Black Keys drums and guitar. It's awesome.

And last but not least...BEER. We recently got a copy of THE BEER BOOK. It's got 1200 breweries from around the world with info about their beers, the production, the ABV%, and cool stories. It makes me want to take a 'beer-tasting' vacation by bike around Europe. Sounds like a plan to me...who's in?

Best of rides, brews, and tunes!

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