Monday, October 25, 2010

Quiz Answers - REVEALED

FINALLY, you'll  be able to sleep at night - aren't you happy!

Here are the answers to the 2010 Urban Assault Ride BONUS QUIZ....
(we're not including local questions -so if one is still bugging you, comment on the blog, and we'll let you know the answer;)

Q: Specialized has a killer line of bikes designed for urban cyclists, commuters, and city dwellers. They gave some lucky folks some of these bikes on the condition that they blog about their experiences. One of these bloggers rides a beautiful Live bike and she installed something special on her bike. What did she install?
- a 'floating' beer handlebar holder
- a 'floating' beer frame holder
- a 'dynamo-powered' front light
+ a 'skirt guard'
(explanation: Specialized's line of city bikes are Globe line and they've got a bunch of Bloggers writing about their experiences with their Globes. One blogger: Sweet Georgia Brown, wrote about her skirtguard for her sweet looking Globe Live)

Q: Specialized sponsors a rider that won two of the 'Spring Classics'.
 This rider has a nickname that shares the name of a movie directed by a man who also directed which other movie?
> Check all that apply
+ Full Metal Jacket
- Rad
+ Eyes Wide Shut
- Cannonball Run
- Matrix
- Speed Racer
(Explanation: the Rider who won the races is none other than Fabian Cancellara. His nickname is Spartacus. Spartacus was directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1960. My Kubrick also directed the movies Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut. Hopefully this question got you to watch the movie Rad as well!)

Q: New Belgium's Tour De Fat is another crazy celebration of Bikes and Beer. It's a tradition at the Tour de Fat to offer up a custom bicycle to a rider willing become car free and donate their car to the TDF's local beneficiary. Which TDF hosted the very 1st car for bike trade?
+ Denver 2007
- Ft Collins 2007
- Austin 2008
- Durango 2007
(Explanation: this was a tough one to track down. But if you did, you'd see the it was a close-to-home Tour de Fat where the 1st Car/Bike Trade occurred.)

Q: New Belgium became the country's first brewery to subscribe to 100% wind powered electricity in 1998 and can produce up to 15% of its electrical needs by capturing methane from its process water treatment plant to fire a co-generation engine which produces heat and electricity on site. What is another sustainable feather New Belgium Brewing can add to its cap?
- Over 75% of employees ride their bicycles to work at least 3 days a week.
+ They have the largest privately owned solar array in Colorado
- Over 80% of employees ride their bicycles to work at least 4 days a week.
- Almost all paper used by New Belgium employees is recycled and used for beer packaging
(Explanation: New Belgium does indeed have the largest private solar array in the state of Colorado. Many folks ride their bikes to work as well...but the percentage is not documented. And using paper for beer packaging - that's a good idea, huh? Maybe it'll happen soon.)

Q: Which beer in New Belgium's Explore Series is the "hoppiest"?
+ Ranger
- Trippel
- Abbey
- Mothership
(Explanation: Ranger is the hoppiest. If you don't already know this from taste, you can look at the IBU (International Bittering Units) rating on each of the beer's pages on the New Belgium website.)

Q: If you were to submit a film to New Belgium's new Film/Beer festival, what topics can your film be about? check all that apply
- bikes
+ beer
+ whimsy
- big wheels
+ sustainability
- pets
(Explanation - technically the films can be about anything, but we're focusing on the Bonus Points:
  • Your film can be on any subject in any genre but for bonus credit, try to include one or more of
    New Belgium's three main follies:
    • Craft Beer
    • Sustainability (think environmental statements)
    • Whimsy (think spoofs, giddy candid moments or anything worth watching)
Q: Where might you be (legally) able to purchase a New Belgium beer?
> check all that apply

+ Missoula, Montana
- New York, New York
+ San Antonio, Texas
- Richmond, Virginia
+ Charlotte, North Carolina
(Explanation: not too many states East of the Mississippi River get to buy NBB beers. Here's the place to check.)

Q: In the current (issue 7) of Bicycle Times, which of our sponsor's products do they review?
- Keen Commuter shoe
+ Globe Live 3 bike
+ Timbuk 2 backpack
- Pedros trixie tool
(Explanation: you gots ta pick up the magazine for this one. Once you do, this is pretty easy)

Q: In the current issue of Dirt Rag (issue 151) there is an article about the Boonville Beer Festival.
> Which beer is mentioned in this article?
> Choose all that apply

- Lips of Faith Berlinerweiss
+ Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout
+ Firestoen Walker's Parabola
+ Castle Brewery's Samichlaus Bier
(Explanation: you gots ta pick up the magazine for this one. Once you do, this is pretty easy)

Q: Who did Clif Bar bid farewell to in 2009?
- Banjo
- Bubbles
- Sandy
+ Scrubby
(Explanation: Poor Scrubby. Clif Bars VP of Dogs passed on to the land of unlimited snausages and tummy rubs. We found this info here.

Q: Which Clif products have extra protein (a key nutrient for sustained energy)?
> Check all that apply

+ Builder
+ Roks
- Clif Kid
- Clif Mojo
(Explanation: you could just go out and try all the products, or research the ingredients. The top two are high in protein.)

Q: Which Keen shoe model now has a clipless pedal option?
> Check all that apply
- Coronado
- Venice
- Boston
+ Austin
(Explanation: we got a ton of questions about this one. Altough the Coronado has a cycling option, it's a firmer sole - which is great for pedaling...but it's not an SPD clipless pedal option ;)

Q: What will most Keen shoes protect?
> Check all that apply

+ 1st Distal Phalange
+ 4th Metatarsal
- Malleus
- Fibula
(Explanation: If you have a pair of Keen shoes (we hope everybody does) you'll know that most models have toe protection. It's a cool look in addition to protecting your feet. The top two question choices are bones in your foot. The Malleus bone is in your ear and the Fibula is the calf bone)

Q: Which element of Keen's Hybrid life is missing: Create, Care, and _____
A: play
Explanation: pretty cool concept for a company if you ask us!

Q: Which city was the bag in this photo made?
A: San Francisco
A: San Fran
A: San Francisco, CA
A: San Francisco, California
(Explanation: Timbuk 2's custom bags (like the bags in the photo) are all made in San Francisco CA. You had the option of spelling it a few ways.)

Q: What year and by whom was Timbuk 2 created?
+ in 1989 by a bike messenger
- in 1950 by a telephone lineman
- in 1985 by a seamstress
- in 1990 by a starving bike racer
(Explanation: Dig a big on Timbuk 2's site and you'll see the history which reveals the story of a bike messenger's  creation of TB2)

Q: On Giro's blog, they feature a video of another 'urban race'.
> What country does this race take place in?
A: Brazil
Explanation: Here's the race - in Rio. Pretty incredible!

Q: Giro has a signature helmet for one of its riders who has a private training facility.
> What unique feature does he have on the sides of his jumps?

A: rocks
(Explanation: on Giro's Red Kite Blog, there's a video for Paul Basagoitia's private jumping compound. You had to do serious digging to find this one. When asked about the rocks on the sides of his jumps, he said they just look cool. He hand picked them from a local river. Unique.
Paul Bassagoitia's compound from Jorge Alvarez on Vimeo.

Q: Go to the Urban Assault Ride's Facebook page, find the question in the 'Discussion Board'.
> After following the instructions, choose your answer.

3 is the answer
(Explanation: sure there are a lot of things NOT like the others. For example the Pharcyde video was shot backwards. The Daft Punk video is the only techno song. However, this question was designed to bring some props to Spike Jonze, one of my favorite directors. The only video in this group that he didn't direct was the Beastie Boys Intergallactic.

So there you have it folks. Hope you learned some cool things and earned some valuable bonus time in the process. Thanks for playing!


  1. Oh man, I take issue with Paul Basagoitia's jumps. The dude also plastered the sides with Red Bull logos which obscured the "unique rocks"...should also accept Red Bull logo as an answer.

    I'm sure that is the only question with an ambiguity...;)

    Can't wait for next year's Urban Assault!!!

  2. Damn, I can't believe I got all of those minus one with just searching the internet. Insane. Nice quiz J

  3. Actually, if you check the Timbuk2 timeline, the name didn't appear until 1990, so that question is also ambiguous.