Friday, May 9, 2008

The Fat Tire Canyon

I tell you what - blogging is quite the responsibility. I can't believe it was last weekend that I did the last post. Let's just say that things are getting pretty darn busy as our 1st UAR is in just over a week.
Hans and I made a trip to New Belgium to get rockin and rollin with all the gear we need to make a true bike carnival. I can't express how much I love this company. The folks at New Belgium always find a way to do things creatively, with style, and with sustainability in mind. It's nice to be partnered with such genius.
So here are some highlights from the NBB adventure....
This photo makes me happy. It's a wall of Fat Tire cases in the warehouse. Mmmmmm.
My man Hans in the cavern of the beer. He was just about in heaven.
Jackie's been working on a 'sit and spin' obstacle. NBB already has one made up. Pretty sweet. Also check out the battery powered bike speaker trailers in the background. What a line of work we're in...sit and spins, bike speakers, beer, bike fairy costumes...
Two people in a grain sack. We're trying to think of a way to reuse these huge plastic bags for an obstacle. You have any ideas?
New Belgium has a dedicated staff person for making art bikes, displays, and event gear. In this workshop theres supplies for runt bikes, pedal-powered obstacles, chain-driven displays, and wheels o plenty. New Belgium Welding.
The next post will be about the 1st trailer packing experience of the season. Seattle and Portland, we're coming - you ready for us!?

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  1. not for the weak of heart this blogging thing :) your readers develop loyalty, then have expectations - in the end you gather more friends. It helps when you have a good organization with a desired product...and you guys have beer plus a passion for bikes - great combo - keep up your good work.

    First thing I though about for the bags was as recycling containers - yard clippings, aluminum, anything one would use plastic bags for now. They ARE big - unless those two are really small :)