Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jump Jam

Saturday was a beautiful day to be on 2 wheels in CO. Road 34 was putting on a sweet dirt jump contest in Ft Collins so we decided to head up.
I decided to ride there and meet up with the crew at the event. Longmont to Devil's Backbone, up and over Horsetooth resevoir, dropping down into Ft Collins. A great ride. It was cool to map it all out online, then hit the road.It was the 1st ride on my new Black Sheep and I can honestly say it's the best MTB I've ever ridden. A custom build was necessary for my freakishly long torso and it's so worth it. If I had to have only one bike, this is it. I did a 45 mile ride on this MTB and was completely comfortable. That's saying a lot for the 1st ride on a new bike.
Devil's backbone was a nice break from the road ride. It connects Loveland CO to Ft Collins CO via the Blue Sky Trail.
Some people say that bikes with curved top tubes look like a dog taking a poop
There are a lot of bikes like this these days. Check out the Santa Cruz Nomad...
The design of the Black Sheep is supposed to be reminiscent of a vintage cruiser - but with a modern update. I think I'm going with the vintage cruiser theory.
So anyway...I made it to Ft Collins and checked out the Jam.
This was the course - in between the practice and the competition. It was a roll in off of Road 34's HUGE trailer, into a medium size double, then into the big jump with a wood kicker and dirt landing. There was not much runway after the landing so riders were skidding after each jump so they didn't hit the fence.
This guy got 2nd and pulled a couple double tailwhips. He had some style for sure.
That's what I call a look down.
There were some sweet flips too. The winner pulled a back flip, then a front flip - back to back.
The beer was flowing and Hans bought a pitcher. No New Belgium today - but at least Scott was there representing. Scott by the way stars as the angry driver in this little movie....

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