Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not-so-urban Assaulting

When we're not rocking big wheels across the country, we bring out the fat tires. We rounded up the troops for a trip to Fruita/Moab. It was supposed to be a single day blitz of the Kokopelli trail (142 miles from Fruita to Moab), but mother nature didn't want to cooperate. Instead, we hit our favorite desert trails in a more social (i.e. alcohol-filled) setting.
The drive wasn't so long when you've got good company. We found a bow belonging to Matt's 2 year old daughter. I tried it on and I think this will officially be the last time I'm able to wear such hair accessories. RIP josh's hair.
Here's Richard (Dicky) Swords in between spells of altitude induced vertigo.
Speaking of driving, We decided to do a little 'froadin' in Matt's Tundra. Then Anut decided to follow in his TDI. Impressive.
The trails in Fruita...well you know....they rock. I don't need to say it anymore than the millions of others who love it here. This picture has been taken 1000's of times, but there's nothing like attacking this section of single track (Joe's Ridge)
Matt was the only one to clean this switchback. Chad and Anut watch on with admiration.
Moab for a big group ride: ride up to PorcRim, hit the Upper Porc trails, then ride home. Then maybe hit a night ride on the Sovereign trails

Matt getting stoic
Sol has shorts with a special 'puckered porthole' feature. Nobody knew what this was for, but we liked making fun of it.
Sol and I got separated, but that gave us plenty of time to reminisce about a long mutual history of Jerky Boys, our favorite lines from Gummo ('let me smell your wrist'), and the adventures of marriage/fatherhood.
We also got rip up some incredible single track. This was my 1st time on the LowerPorcTrail.
There was a section on the trail called the notch that didn't seem ridable to me. But as this video proves - it certainly is.

Good times indeed. Now on to the next Urban Assault Ride in BERKELEY!

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