Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes...you just gotta shave the cat

Strange topic...but we had to give Coconut a summer trim. Her back was getting too many tangles.
Did you know that the hotel from The Shining is in Estes Park CO? I didn't until Sunday. Check it...
The ride to Estes was awesome. I rode with the Blue Sky crew and the day was just perfect.
Then it was time for a metal show - The Sword rocked it. 4 guys playing a tight show - the crowd was surprisingly mellow. I've been to Primus concerts that we're rowdier. But I guess I'm getting older b/c I was appreciative of the crowd. Poor Kurt almost got into a fight b/c he felt like getting down and somebody else didn't. We had your back Kurtie!
Less than 3 weeks away now from the UAR in Seattle and Portland. Will somebody please stop all this rain!!!!

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