Monday, June 16, 2008

ATX bound

We head out tomorrow to our Austin event - the biggest event of the year. We're super excited to see it all go down. In my opinion, you can always judge a good party by the number of kegs at the end. On Sunday afternoon, we'll have 20 keg shells. That's a my book at least.

Since I got my Blacksheep, I've been doing some long rides to the MTB trails. Yesterday , Kurt and I pushed it a bit. We went from Longmont to Ft Collins via Devil's Backbone and Blue Sky trail....then we got some lunch and did it back the other way. It was amazing how much better we felt after some tacos. I think I'm going to eat lunch on all my rides now!

Here are some photos from the adventure...
At the trail head to Devil's Backbone. Kurt pointed out that there are lots of ridges that look like this, but for some reason, this one seems rather glorious after riding all the way to it.Starting the Blue Sky trail - some very sweet Colorado single track. it's great both directions.We had a motorcycle dude tell us there was a big snake in the road...sure enough. I think this little guy escaped unharmed
The ride home from Ft Collins felt great. I highly recommend Chipotle's barbacoa tacos as a mid-ride snack.

Rasta was very happy to see us home safe. It was a 7 hour MTB ride.

So now...we get ready for a solid week of 100+ degree temps in ATX. Thank goodness we got to experience some beautiful early summer Colorado weather. Barton Springs, here we come!

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