Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scenes from Austin

We're still recovering from Austin. It was huge - the biggest UAR ever and the biggest competitive cycling event in TX. 1300 riders is a lot to handle - to say the least. We're still taking it all in.

I'll soon be posting some photos of the event, but first I want to thank the folks that made it happen:
Jackie - the lovely lady who took care off all the staff, and so much more.
Hans - the man out on the course - working to hold down 12 checkpoints all at once

Austin Ridge Riders
Austin Cycling Association
Texas Bicycle Coalition

These are our beneficiaries and they supplied the staff to keep the gears turning. We also had about 50 other staff helping out as well.
TimBo - who offers to suffer swamp ass each year...and miss a day with his baby, Josie
Sammy - who helped set up the checkpoints, raced with his son Jonah, then helped clean it all up.
Soliolio and Nicole- who wrenched prior to the UAR, then offered to let a Austin American Statesman camera crew following them around all day.
Rusty with New Belgium - this fellow and I met over a couple Fat Tires to talk about partnering on the UAR 5 years ago. And today we couldn't be happier to have NBB as our title sponsor.

Last but not least...these guys helped me inflate 40 inner tubes on Saturday night. With the money I gave them for their efforts, they planned to go buy a 12 pack. They danced a little jig to say thanks and they were on their way.

More coming soon!

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  1. Hi, I participated in the race here in Austin and had a great tine. It is the second race with the same partner (did the muddy buddy with him) and he loved it too. I've got him hooked- he was seriously considering flying to Chicago to do it out there. But flying to a race that is all about alternative means of transportation and reducing one's carbon footprint would be silly and counter to what we want to accomplish. I am trying to say that we loved the race and will participate next year. I also want to thank, Josh and everyone mentioned. You guys ran a great event.

    Some opinions may vary but that would be because they bombed the test.