Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Very clever...

I have to say that the economy/gas prices/our environment are downright frightening these days. I've had many discussions with many different types of people about how they have been affected lately and just about everybody is personally hit hard.

I rode my bike with a B.O.B. trailer today to run errands and ended up taking home 20 oven mitts (perhaps for a new obstacle ;), 80lbs of dog food, and a harmonica. During this trip, I had a reoccurring daydream of a Mad Max type scenario where cars reserved only for outlaws since there's so little available fuel. In this fantasy, bikes become the predominant means of transportation, serving as the primary source for moving items and getting from place to place. I envision rows of cyclists - like horses, pulling a trailer making deliveries. Kinda like the riders in Triplets of Belleville - except in this future society, the riders will be highly prized. It's a fantasy that I plan to further develop.
It's unfortunate that most of our culture is overweight, out of shape, and very unfamiliar with hard physical work. The concept of cycling is almost inconceivable. So a strong set of legs and lungs will very very valuable. There are many tangents that I then take this vision including massive bike road races on roads no longer used by cars, resourceful uses for huge SUVs that no longer serve the same purpose, and bike shops taking over the real estate of Wal-Mart since bikes and bike products will be in so high demand.

Let me tell you folks, things are happening and they're happening fast. If there's something positive to take away, it's the fact that you are a bike rider and from everything that I can foresee, there's a big place for us in the future. I'm not anti-car...far from it. It's just that cars may not be a viable transportation option in the very near future. So it's time to plan ahead.

It's time to consider:
The Big Dummy
The B.O.B
Kona's Ute
The Newt

For those of you not riding your bike for transportation, consider this: a 125 mile away destination (250 miles round trip), using a mid-large size SUV will cost you $80. That's just 4 hours on the road. Now just think what that would be WHEN gas prices rise to $10/gallon.

This is not to scare you...more to pat you on the back for riding your bike more often. So best of rides...think about this next time you ride to work. You'll be getting a leg up on the rest of society.

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  1. If you want to see a Mad Max style world Bicyclopolis.