Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Trails

We hit some new (to us) trails today - Soapstone Prairie. It seem like we hit it right about the perfect time too. A couple weeks later and everything would be golden and windswept.
Over to the left is Wyoming. The trail takes you up to a ridge with a nice overlook. Pretty amazing considering how 'out in the middle of nowhere' this trail feels.
Lots o kittie litter gravel around the corner. You had to get used to the tires sliding. It was like riding a hovercraft - never feeling like your tires were fully engaged. Here's Kurtie banking out of a dip.
Benny showing us how the 29er tires hook up.
Some pretty sweet views to be had.
Yours truly - enjoying the cool breeze on top of the ridge line.

Ben - showing us how to truly enjoy the post ride beer.

But one of these things is not like the other. Kurtie says there's a new trick called 'icing' somebody where you expose a Smirnoff Ice (like above) and the person who sees it has to drink it. I think he was perhaps trying to pull one over over on me - but I had to oblige (much to my dismay)

I was rather embarrassed when a fellow rider rolled up and I was drinking the 'Ice".

Kurtie riding a big boy's bike
A good day indeed. When you get a chance, head north of Ft Collins and ride the trails at Soapstone. Just make sure your buddies aren't packing any Smirnoff Ice.
Thanks for the good times Ben and Kurtie!

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  1. very cool pics, Ben. Ya'll look like you are having fun and the area looks beautiful.
    take care, be safe and have fun.
    love you,
    karen (your momma's cousin in florida)