Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Fun Happy Fun Joy Day. Berkeley. New Belgium Urban Assault Ride

Check out some photos shot by my main man (and brother) Alex Warschauer...

A little dance contest action "You want some of this?"
Berkeley experienced the 1st New Belgium Brewing Triathlon. The winner took home this beautiful bike.

How do you raffle off Specialized tires? With a hula hoop contest of course.
Some of the best costumes we've seen in 8 years. Check out the New Belgium beer bottles on the capes of Super Skinny Dip Girl, Fat Girl, and Ranger Robin Tipsy
Big wheels NEVER get old
When you're happy and you know it...lift your bike over your head
Such ugly scenery at the Keen piggy back polo obstacle. Damn you Golden Gate bridge, why did you have to get into this shot!?
The racers are off - hitting the streets of Berkeley.

Thank you Berkeley - we'll be reliving the memories until the end of time.

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  1. Awesome experience! Hope you guys come back next year.