Sunday, May 30, 2010

scenes from the bike

Did a nice little ride from Ft Collins to Longmont the other day (via the trails Hogback, Blue Sky, and Devil's Backbone). Here are some things that caught my eye.I was riding in Black Sheep territory, when I spotted Ryan sporting this badboy. Truss fork, dual top tubes, media blasting...oh so pretty!
Horsetooth reservoir. It made me want a little boat to cruise around after a nice bike ride.
Off the in the distance you see 'tha bone' that Devil's backbone is named for. It's a nice rocky trail and I love it when trails can take you from point A to point B (vs a roundabout loop)

Back in Longmont, I saw one of the most elaborate scaffolds ever. This is just to put up a big pole. Funny thing is - I'd have never noticed this if I wasn't riding a bike. Sometimes, the slower you go the more you see.Spring has sprung. Some awesome gardening in Longmont these days!

Best of rides everybody!
-The UAR Crew


  1. I'm checking out devils backbone this we for the first time. What's the best way to sample it?

  2. I'd recommend an out an back. Devil's Backbone to Blue Sky to Horsetooth Res....and back