Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New UAR obstacle?

Nope. Just kidding.

I like how he said "I got tired of the forward progress, so I decided to go sideways." and " you create a better motion in your head". Well ok. I still don't see why everybody keeps trying to improve on such a beautiful and simple design like the bicycle. Did you see the HulaBike?

These creations make sense in a Tour de Fat 'art bike' pit, but these folks are really trying to market these products. What ever floats your boat, I suppose.

In entertainment news, THIS looks promising. I still have SoundWave - New in Box. I think I'll hold on to him forever. And this movie...well, I'll be real surprised if they can top the scenarios I came up with as a kid. And this was before swivel-action battle grip.

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  1. It wouldn't be a Michael Bay movie without asteroids in the tv trailer.... And am I the only one who thiks it's funny that Paris is getting tore up in both previews?