Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay Weekend!

It's been an interesting week at the UAR compound. I had a once in a decade cold that lasted 5 days. I'm not going to complain about it - just the opposite in fact. The thing about being sick is that it makes you feel so different (in a bad way) than how you normally feel. I guess I took for granted how good I typically feel from day to day. It doesn't take much to throw our bodies completely off. And to think that when people are 'training', they're under the assumption that all systems are running 100% and they're looking for minuscule gains. Throw in a stuffed up nose that wont allow air to flow or goosebumps up and down your back from a fever - and you're pretty much done. And speaking of goosebumps and being sick, here's something totally sick - of a different nature (warning - it's pretty gross and involves larvae). But now, I'm happy to say I'm entering the finishing chute of this cold. It's now time to enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather.
The NAHBS is happening now. Jackie and I got to go last year and it was incredible. I was in heaven. The cool paint jobs, intricate welds, and overall artistry made me fall in love with bikes even more than before. The show has been great at making custom builders famous world wide. It's largely due to the show that Vanilla Cycles has a over a 5 year wait. Our friends at BlackSheep won the best Titanium bike last year and we can't wait to see what they come up with this year. Below is a peek at their booth this year. Stay tuned to the bikewebs for photos.

We head to St Louis next week. It's my 1st visit to the city and I'm super excited. StL is deeply rooted in beer culture and I hear there's a big thirst for craft brews now that AB is foreign owned. Sounds like the UAR will fit in just fine. Also next week, we're welcoming a new player to the UAR team. More on that soon.

I hope to report some solid rides after this weekend - along with some new obstacle concepts.
Have a great weekend folks!

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