Monday, June 8, 2009

Long time no see

Sorry for the break in postings folks...we've been doing some bike riding lately and well...sometimes it's better to be outside than pecking away at the keyboard.

but that doesn't mean there's nothing to report. Far from it!

Jackie and I have been testing out the new UAR longboards. They've made an appearance at a couple events so far this season.
We call this one the 'Plunger Paddle'.

It's getting nice and hot outside - which in our world only means that it's time for slip and slides.
Portland Slip N Sliders have skills
Speaking of Portland, our friends Sarah and Alvaro (freshly back from life in Costa Rica) paid us a visit and kindly manned out checkin/results table. You two are the best!
These days are some of the best for riding in Colorado - as this photo exemplifies. The trails are buff and the weather's perfect. The road riding is swell too.

Here's an interesting video. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't put my kid in this position (that of sheer terror). However, I do like the costume on the dog and would happily dress up my pups in this manor. So maybe that's just as bad.

And since we're playing's a great cover.

but of course - not as good as the original.

And have I mentioned how excited I am for THIS. I'm really, REALLY excited.

So that's my list for today.
Go ride your bike, then drink a beer with a lime in it.

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