Monday, June 15, 2009


We headed down to the neighboring town of Lyons for the Outdoor Games this weekend.

Kayaking, beer, bikes, dog was right up our alley.

We first checked out Shamus and his doggie cannonball skills. He tore it up to say the least. We're working on our dog's jumping distance so we can enter them next year.

Then I headed down for the Short Track race.

Racing is hard - I forgot that. A nice little short track race was exactly what I needed to break in the lungs.

Then we headed over to the pump track 'race'. The day before we dropped by on the dirt jumping bikes to give the pump track a couple laps. was too muddy and there were kids with a water pump trying to drain the puddles....then it started raining again. But this was no problem for the quick-thinkers of the Lyons Outdoor fest!
Just hover a heli over the dirt - that'll dry it out in no time. Sweet!

Then it was AWWWWN! The pumpers went to work and showed everybody how it's done.

Here's Jon Watt - tearing it up.

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