Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skidding on into Austin!

A trailer full of obstacles, water coolers, and big wheels will be hitting ATX tomorrow morning. We're getting ready for triple digit heat every day - I swear it was never that hot when I lived there!

Vytis from Ozone said to get used to the heat of Austin I should get used to the 2nd lowest setting of the toaster oven. Well...for all of you participating next weekend, don't fret. We have multiple water slides and 3 obstacles (maybe more) where you'll be getting wet!

In other news, while perusing the local craigslist, I found this post. Mr. Swift inquired for more info and got this:

Hi Jesse, Thanks for the interest and the photo. We are still looking for one cyclist to model for us. The client is real specific about wanting to have the "pro body" cyclist. Any chance you can send me a photo with your shirt off? Just in a pair of cycling shorts would be great. If you look like you'll fit the part, I'll give you all of the specifics. Thanks, Tim

Jesse's certainly got nothing to be ashamed of..but we'd never let you live it down.

And speaking Jesse - he sent this rather entertaining clip of Rubik's Cube art. Sweet.

And speaking of other sweet things...we went to a charity dog wash at Lefthand Brewery. Nothing like getting buzzed, while you dogs get man-handled by 5 women.
Then it was time for a fixie ride.
We chose to ride the bike paths by the flooded St Vrain river. Not the best idea, but it was refreshing.

So there you have it. Off to ATX for the BIGGEST BIKE RACE IN TX!!!!!

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