Monday, March 3, 2008

Biblical name of a bastard son

Fruita ended up being too wet, so we headed a bit further down I-70 to good ol' Moab, UT. I was wondering what Moab means, so I looked it up. Turns out 'Moab is the biblical name of a bastard son of Lot and his firstborn daughter. Hmmmn. Who'd a thunk it?
We had a great couple of rides in this amazing part of the country.

This is an encouraging sign along the Portal trail. Even the Super-D killers of Team were getting off their bikes in spots.

We shared the trail with pink jeeps. It's an interesting use of the trail system. I think it's cool what the jeeps can clear on these super technical roads - but bikes do it so much faster, with no pollution or noise. I guess it's because of the $$$ that the jeepies spend in Moab that keeps the trails open - so I suppose I shouldn't complain. And we loaded up our truck with plenty of Mavericks (which are possibly the perfect bike for Moab).

Last year, I was riding the Amasa Back trail and this little girl asks her Dad (who had his truck stuck on the trail), 'What's he doing Daddy?' and her Dad said, 'It looks like he's trying to kill himself". I get a kick out of that experience. Just two different worlds.

On the Saturday, we were looking for a new trail called 'Rockstacker' and found ourselves on a steep section that was definitely not the trail. So we hike up the sandstone and my foot slips and I start sliding...with my bike..down towards a 200ft drop. Luckily I stopped, but not without a little bit of sandstone exfoliation.
Kinda crazy considering this happened just walking.

So back to work. It's cold again today here in CO. Supposedly, March is the snowiest month of the year. Yay.

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