Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not so windy after all

After 4 days in one of the biggest cities in the country...we've learned about Alderman, park permits, and the overall lack of open space in Chicago. It was a good time in the city and there was lots to see. We're excited about the venue we found, all the people we met in our journey, and most importantly that we're bring the UAR to Chi-town!
Here are some of the things we saw along the way...
This is a cool custom painted fixie outside Columbia College. Lots of fixies with rear wheel fenders around town - and this one tickled my fancy.
The Bike Center, a shop/bike parking/locker room in Chicago has this cool vending machine where you can get cycling caps, tubes, crash kits, and ponchos. That's my kind of vending machine.
I wish I could have seen this bike puppet show in action, but the trike was pretty cool.
After 4 days of searching, we finally found a SWEET venue. It's called Murphy's Bleachers and it's right behind Wrigley Field. Just imagine what this place will look like with big wheels, NBB beers, and LOTS of bikes.

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