Saturday, March 8, 2008


We picked up and moved from Austin to Boulder in 2005. We came for the riding, the mountains, the weather, the overall lifestyle. Austin's great, but 90+ degress for 8 months out of the year got a little old after 11 years of living there. Didn't seem so bad at the time, but getting used to Colorado weather makes TX weather seem unbearable.
I was surprised to find that there is almost no mountain biking in Boulder. There are plenty of trails, but they are built for hikers and off-limit to bikes. Kinda a bummer since riding from my door is very important to me. There are lots of great road rides - right from the door. Today was a nice climb up to Jamestown. Tons of cyclists on the road. I traded pulls with this guy for about 1/2 the climb. It was nice since it made me ride faster. I said 'Hi' when I first saw him, but after that we both had headphones on and we're pushing pretty hard. This photo is on the downhill and I guess we were going fast since it looks like my spokes are bending.

Tomorrow a day on the MTB after a night of whiskey, Rumikub, and some tasty pie.In case you didn't know, Jackie is an incredible baker (or is it bakerette?). Our plan is to some day open a bakery with lots of bike racks inside, serve beer, and have good acoustic bands.
We'll serve up some of this...

Oh I also saw that Swobo has out a nice new pair of Shpants that I have my eyes on. Shpants are all the rage in case you didn't know. See - I like sporting them....
I wish I had them when I was a kid and maybe my knees wouldn't have so many scars.

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