Saturday, March 22, 2008


This was our 2nd visit to Trek's HQ in Waterloo, and the 1st time we took the tour. Dick Burke, founder of Trek, recently passed away so there were tons of flowers around the building. Imagine building bikes by hand in a barn, then growing the business into what Trek is now 30 years later.

They build the OCLV carbon bikes in Waterloo as well as the high-end aluminum. Most of their new models (Madones, Super Flys, and Carbon EXs) are sold out for awhile. Which is amazing considering there were 1000s of frames being built. It was cool to see frames of this caliber being assembled in such quantity.
Here are some of the bikes awaiting paint. They said that the employees that put on the decals are almost all women, because men don't have the patience for the meticulous work.
One thing is for sure - I want a Madone now.

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