Friday, April 11, 2008

Beasts of Burden, Cougars, and White Butts

Finally got out for a good ride today (it's been a busy week with bad weather and a couple days under the weather) and saw some interesting things on the trail.
These signs are at pretty much any trail head in Colorado. You get used to them, but today the sign reminded me to keep an eye out for cougars, which I was thinking would be pretty darn hard to spot since the grass matches their coats perfectly. Which I'm sure is no coincidence. I hear cougars are pretty smart. Not to be confused with this sign which is common at most Colorado watering holes.
I saw a gaggle, herd, flock, gang...or whatever you call a group of deer. This variety moved like Mule Deer and had white on their rear, but not their tails. So I decided I must have encountered a pack of White Butt Deer. So I tested it and said, "What up, White Butt?" and they all turned around - so I must be right.
Then I saw something really cool - a couple out walking their goats. The one on the left is supposed to get up to 300lbs. That's a big goat. They're training them to be 'pack goats'. As I rode off, I started singing (in my head) "Beast of Burden" by the Stones. Then I thought about the fact that the acronym for Beast of Burden is B.O.B...and then I wondered if this is why the B.O.B trailer has its name. I looked it up...sure enough - that's what it means. I like the thoughts that go through one's mind when riding a bike.
We got snow yesterday and the good thing about living where we do is that the snow melts and the soil dries o-so-quickly. Hall Ranch was in great shape. This was the only patch of snow on the trail, so I thought I'd show my appreciation for the trails I'm fortunate enough to ride.
My bike wasn't even dirty, just one day after snow. It was a great ride, with good thoughts, now it's time for a TGIF beer.

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