Friday, April 25, 2008


I was checking out a clip on VeloNews about Dave Zabriskie (initials: D. Z.) who rides for Slipstream/Chipotle. He's a cool, quirky kinda rider - that I have come to appreciate. In fact he sports a mighty impressive mustache that would give Daniel Day Lewis's There Will be Blood mustache a run for the money. Any way...while checking out this clip, I noticed a very impressive t-shirt.
It appears that Dave has started a business called DZnuts - selling nuts and bolts and other bike accessories. This is my assumption after seeing this photo...but if he's not starting this business - it's a brilliant idea - if I do say so myself.

The one and only Jesse Swift read yesterday's post about the rather funky means of transportation I posted. (I mean really - why even try to improve on the simplicity of the bicycle)...but I guess you have to applaud the creativity of the inventor. Jesse said it reminded him of a South Park episode called "The Entity". I hadn't seen it, so I looked it up and found this site. All the South Park episodes, in full length, streaming free on demand. Enjoy.

Oh yeah...we've been listening to some good music this week. Check out the Black Keys new album (and bad-ass laser tag video) and if you're into something a bit heavier, maybe we'll see you at The Sword show tomorrow night in Denver.


  1. it is a chamios lube not components

  2. there you have it. I still think it would be cooler if it were a nut/bolt company. But chamois lube makes for a happy bottom.