Thursday, April 17, 2008

A line up all my own

It's rare in the world of surfing to have the opportunity to paddle out to wave with no other surfers. This has happened a couple times in my life and it's one of the best experiences known to man. A good surfer I'm not (wish I could say otherwise...but I can't) but it's something any surfer cherishes. So today it was beyond sweet to roll up to an empty parking lot at the Devil's Backbone trail head. Kinda the same experience - except this is a REALLY cool trail vs. the lame waves I have the ability to surf. This is a trail that is considered 'at capacity' when the parking lot is full and I wouldn't even think of going on the weekend. But yesterday (probably due to the fact that it was snowing...I had the trail to myself).
As the snow came down, it wet the dirt to create a fragrance that makes you want to deeply breathe the mountain air. And to think it was 80 degrees yesterday. It was such a nice little afternoon ride, I had to celebrate the moment.

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