Thursday, April 3, 2008

The rising tide

It's funny how things evolve...especially within the bike world. When I first started riding a bike, I really liked the simplicity and freedom. Like all kids around the hood, I started off jumping curbs, laying down fat coaster brake skids, and riding the bike to the mini-mart to pick up Nerds and Garbage Pail Kids. I watched the movie Rad over and over and over and it totally changed my life. I loved my BMX bike. I finally talked my Mom into getting me a new bike and we went to Toys R Us...but I didn't like what I saw. All the BMX bike had handbrakes and I liked the simple aesthetics of a handlebar with no cables or levers. I ended up riding a series of Mongooses - with handbrakes. That led to my freestyle phase, which led me to MTBs, then to road...and now it looks like it's back full circle as I'm loving my fixed gear bike (with no brakes).So now there's a whole new type of riding to learn. least it's new to me. Fixed gears were the 1st bikes around - before freewheels were ever invented. They're getting really popular - for the style, the simplicity, the cost. It's just funny to me how it's all come back around. I'm again riding a simple bike with nothing on the bars but grips and now I want to learn to do this..

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