Wednesday, July 2, 2008


First, I have to warn you that this is not going to be the most thrilling post, but it does make a bit of a point: The slower you go, the more you see. Although a bike is pretty speedy, you do have much more of a chance to take in your surroundings. Here's what I saw today...

Over the years, I must have ridden through this little Colorado town hundreds of times. Hygiene, CO (I'd link to it, but the town does not have a website) is just West of Longmont and North of Boulder. It's on a popular biking route to Carter Lake.

Today, coming back from a morning ride, I noticed this tractor coming down the road. The driver was wearing a worn in trucker cap with a Purina logo, he had a wicked fu manchu mustache, and a cig dangling from his lips. The tractor was moving fast, bouncing down the street with a huge forkfull of hay. For some reason, he caught my attention. It's was great to see this dude, tending to his day, while I tended to mine. Two very different people. Nothing happened - he probably didn't even notice me...but I thought it was a pretty cool sight to see

So then my eyes were opened and this is what I saw...

This is Jacques 4 x 4. Interesting name for a 4 x 4 shop, indeed. But what's strange is that this is a town of maybe 100 people and check out what's around the corner....Another 4 x4 shop. Seemed like a family feud or something..the big split. But then when I was taking the photo, they came out to see why I was taking a photo. They explained that they get along just great. Spidertrax has a 'rock crawling' focus and Jacques is all about 'street'. Hmmmn...ok.
I had no idea that Hygiene had such a robust demand for off-road. You learn something everyday.Then I saw one of my favorites... Harvey Nelson's restored tractors in techno-color
Then I saw that Sticker Giant's office is here too! They are huge all over the country and this is where they do their thing.
Here's a genuine feed shop. Did you know that Purina makes 'rabbit chow'. I need me some rabbits.
Finally, I spotted this happy cycling-infused family. They must be rather excited for the Tour de France to start in a week or so - all wearing yellow and ripping up the road.

So like I said...not the most exciting post - but sometimes it's pretty cool to see what you see when you open your eyes.

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  1. Yes, I did know that Purina makes Rabbit Chow... now with more real "rabbit flavor..."