Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jack and I went to see WEEN at the Fillmore last night. It's at least my 3rd time seeing WEEN and they always put on a good show. Ever since witnessing the legendary show they played at Liberty Lunch (in Austin in 1996), I've been a HUGE fan. At that show, they toured with a full country band so they could play songs from '12 Golden Country Greats' (which only had 10 songs on it ;)
So this is Jackie's favorite WEEN album and she said her night would be complete if they played "Mr. Richard Smoker"....and they did:

One of my favorites was the classic "voodoo lady" which I was happy to hear them play.

I was talking to one of the video guys and he told me that they played a private show in Ft. Collins the night before for 200 people. Man - I would have loved to see that! I wonder how we can book Ween for a private show....maybe when we're big and famous.

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