Friday, July 25, 2008

Random things that tickle my fancy

This weekend is the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride in Denver. It's shaping up to the be another great day of two wheeled shenanigans. We're getting these productions down to a science, so there's been some time to ride this week - which is always a plus. are some things we've enjoyed so far:
Jackie went on a big ride on her own this week. She took on some hills (which are not her favorite thing), she fixed a rear flat, and she rocked out on the iPod - all 1sts for her...and I'm proud of her for these things.
Here's Long's Peak (sticking it's head up in the background). It's a 14er that I see everyday...and this will be the summer that we climb it. It's a 12+ hour hike that will start in the wee-hours of the am. And it's going to be really cool to point the compass in the direction of our house and look at it from 14,000+ ft.
Here's a really sweet ride. We saw this one at the RIO - it belongs to one of their bartenders. I just love how people are fully customizing their bikes these days - and I would say that the fixie trend is why it's happening. This bike is all pinked-out...check the cool top tube pad, pink chain/chain ring/cranks, and even a pink seat with a cooch-pooch(that's a technical term). Very nice!

Tatonka kicking it by the side of the road.
I was on a MTB ride this week and drafted a tractor for about 5 miles. FYI - they drive about 20-25 and make for a great slipstream.

We also had to take one of our kitties in to the vet this week. She didn't like it and was doing her best "Oh Long Johnson" impersonation. If only I could teach her to talk with an indian accent like this kitty.

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