Sunday, July 13, 2008

The roaring sound of a gaggle of big wheels

Boulder, CO. For the most part Boulderites are super fit, hard core into their sports, and, relatively straight-laced. We had a UAR in Boulder for a couple years, then we had to can it because most folks are just too serious to 'get' the Urban Assault. And then you have get-togethers like the Big Wheel Rally (last night) and the Boulder Cruiser Ride (every Thursday) and it makes you wonder. Maybe the UAR is just not crazy ENOUGH for Boulderites. Last night, it was clear that everybody was ready to let their hair down. Something about dressing up, hoot'n and holler'n, and riding crazy wheeled creations that really gets Boulderites all riled up. Kinda reminds me of this site. And of course the UAR crew was out in full force. Here's some of the action:
The big wheel 'race' started in the early evening and we had tons of bewildered tourists gawking at the spectacle. It was like they felt safe behind their little fence as the watched us make loud noises and exert ourselves. Kinda like they were watching zoo animals. Later in the night, we hit the Pearl St pedestrian mall (illegally of course). The monstrous sound of the big wheel skids had to compete with the on-looker's cries of pain when the big wheels were rolling over their toes. No fence to protect you now. Hee Hee.

Jackie and I brought down a truck load of rides for our friends. Seems there are not too many good options for big wheels these days, so we were happy to loan some out. Others got creative and built their own. Check out this guys: 26" front wheel with a Surly large marge rim and tire, Chris King headset, crank bros pedals, and one burly looking freewheel hub. I'm not ashame to sat that I was drooling over this man's big wheel for sure.

This lovely young lady had a battery-powered ride. All she had to do was kick her feet up on the pegs and pull a trigger to jet around town at 20mph. It also had two sets of wheels: one for sliding and one for speed (like racing down parking garages;)

This fellow made some clever mods: a comfy office chair (with arm rests) and triple-clamp stem/bar combo. It was choice. I had to take it for a spin.
Plenty of big wheelers reside in Boulder - as you can see here.

At the races, it was no holds barred. I scraped up both my elbows from hitting the deck multiple times. This guy's trying to get the hole shot.

When we arrived at one stop, for security purposes, we got a big wheel pile going. It was over 10 ft tall. Absolutely the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.
Here's Tim and me sporting our protective head gear.
Jackie prepares for a spin through Old Chicago bar. It's not everyday that you get to ride a big wheel through a bar. Check out Jackie's flower modifications.
Here's Ben rocking the 'boulder plumber' look. Man o man... good times.

Here's our new pal Steve Z doing a no-hander wall drop. It's not so easy on the tail bone to land a jump on a big wheel. Steve has it down to a science. He can also bust out sick 360slides.

What else can I was a great night. I call this photo "Jackie and Josh at Mt. Big Wheel".
Next year, we'll see you there.

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