Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's almost here...

One of my favorite drunken big wheel bar hops of the year...well, the only one really and I love it.
The Boulder Big Wheel Rally is coming up this Saturday 7/12 in Boulder Colorado.
Last year, Kurtie and I tore it up. We were neck and neck in the Colorado State Championship Big Wheel Race, when he got bumped and slid out in the gravel. I pulled through for the win - and I'm still awaiting the trophy.
In between bars, you get to do a little big wheel riding. We hit courtyards, hotels, parking lots. There were tons of folks bewildered with the spectacle. You'd ask if they wanted to try one out and they'd look at you like a circus animal.
Well...I guess we did look a little funny. This is Matt - he's the carnival barker at this little shin dig. We've been in touch over the years due to our big wheel love. He's done some cool custom work...but I've got some fun up my sleeve for the weekend. More coming soon.
It's going to be sweet. Also the Urban Assault Ride is a sponsor and we've donated team entries to the Ft Collins and Denver events. if you haven't already signed up for one of the CO UARs, then come out for sure since you could win an entry.
Until next time....

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