Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ahh.....that's much better

After a week of the flu, it was great to be back on the bike and breathe mountain air. Not much to report, just some cool ride photos...
It's baby horse season. This ranch had 3 babies with their parents. This little colt was frolicking about.Hall Ranch's buff single track. In Texas, there was no such thing as the word 'buff' to describe trails. But in Colorado, the smoothness and flow of the trails have as many descriptors as Eskimos have for snow.
This morning, I showed up with a knife to a gun fight. I was planning on a nice 4 hour MTB ride with Swifty and the BikeParts crew. Little did I know that a road ride was in store. I guess I need to familiarize myself more with the road vs trail names. Oh time fellas.
So I decided to head over to White Ranch. It's a popular spot on the weekend, but as the photo shows - everybody seems to get along.
Here's the decent on Mustang trail. JeffCo built in a bunch of wooded platforms next to winding stairs. It requires you to pay attention for sure - but it's a lot of fun. White Ranch is some GOOD training. The climb is long, steep in parts, and very long. The decents are technical in spots and roaring fast in others.
This is right about the time that I realized that I was in the forest. The trees smelled fantastic and it was great to see some green out there.

Next to St Louis. I hope to have some cool photos to share!

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