Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Check out all the sweet new UAR gear!

Coming soon to a UAR near you...
Our new cycling cap. This is made by Pace Custom and has a white stripe along the top and bill. Drip UAR logo on both sides. Very classy.
The brown retro trucker was so popular last year that we made it in another color: Navy. It's for those days you just don't feel like wearing black. You know...those earth tone days.
Arm Warmers! Made by SockGuy. These are quite warm and come in two sizes. They get a lot of attention, so watch out!
A sock for the ladies. 1" cuff with chain link around your pretty little ankles
And the new UAR 'drip' crew sock. Here in Colorado we LOVE to wear tall socks. These are sweet -you'll want a couple pairs.

These items will soon be available for sale >>>>>>
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  1. Nice gear for '09! Looks DRIPPY!

  2. Drippy is the shit. in case you didn't know...I'm here to let you know.