Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just another day at the office....

We started bright and early when the alarm had us out of bed at 3:45 am. Why you ask? To show Tucson newscasters how to ride big wheels and runt bikes, that's why.
It was a silly appearance - but they were having a great time. It's not everyday that TV guests bring big wheels for them to ride. We hoping to see Scott, the newscaster out at the event with his 11yo. This photo goes to prove that anchorman do indeed wear pants under the news desk. There you have it folks.
Then we made our way down to Tucson's Bike to Work day. Some locals got to try their hand at the big wheels. This fellow was sporting an old Campagnolo cycling cap, boxers under his tights...and man did he love his 1st big wheel ride. We got our 1st feel for the Tucson cycling public this morning.

Then it was time to organize. Tim and Jackie made preparations to bring back a classic UAR obstacle which we have not done since Denver 2006.

And now, we're off to meet Mr Nat Ross, New Belgium's new Road Warrior, at Packet Pick up. We'll see you Tucson Urban Assaulters at Maynard's Market between 12 - 3.

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