Sunday, April 5, 2009

pretty shiny bikey arty things

for your enjoyment, today's post is a shmatering of bicycle artistry. Not in the actual sense (like a hand made bike show) rather in the graphic art sort of way.

If you live in our neck of the woods (Denver/Boulder/Ft Collins/Longmont) and would like to check out something cool, ARTCRANK is coming to Denver next weekend. GeneO from One on One in MPLS was the host last weekend and I sure do wish I was there. I missed the work of our fellows Adam Turman and Steve 'Stevil' Smith. And if you'd like a preview of what's to come..check this out.

In other artistry, the following were designs submitted to the graphic T company Threadless. Some of these made it to production, some didn't. But they're all damn creative and cool.
by Alexmdc I've always been into animated happy skeletons rather than actual skeletons which I find quite spooky. I don't quite understand the smokey snake coming out of his mouth...and it reminds me of Keep on Truckin' for some reason. Can somebody explain the smokey snake?
by Flying Mouse Interesting idea - anatomy made of bike parts. However it kinda looks like the person has a long tape worm that's taken the shape of a chain. It's grossing me out. and the heart seems too small to power such industrial machinery.
by David T I like this one because it reminds me of a Will Ferrell Viking movie idea that me and my friend Jody put together. I must admit, we were enjoying some whiskey on the chair lift at Winter Park when the creativity was flowing.

by jillustration For some reason, a lot of artists are putting octopus/squids on bikes. Dirt Rag's got one and of course there's the classic Urbie the Assaultopus 2007 UAR design. I am impressed with the triple crank bike on the design. Very octoergo. But the best has to be the Urbie design - if nothing else, for the top hat.
by Raid 71 I imagine this polar bear to be saying "The sun is melting those icebergs and there's gonna be a big swell, so you better jump on the back so we can get our surfboards" At least that's my optimistic spin this poor polar bears habitat destruction.
by joshwa It's in the basement.....of the Alamo! Classic
by Santo76 This one is reminscient of Pee Wee too. Remember the long white chain he wrapped around his ride? Too bad the chain was plastic. If the bike wasn't on blocks, I dont think the image would convey that the bike was a victim of theft. Which is interesting because any bike thief worth their weight in cheap front wheels rarely needs bricks to operate. But perhaps this particular thief had a poor hamstring flexibility and had a hard time bending down.
Kinda like this
By dacat (this is my personal favorite - and not just cuz there's a big wheel in it)

by magno Beware of velociraptors on road bikes. If they are 1/2 as skilled as dogs, then they'd surely win the Tour De France..and eat you up.

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  1. its art so it can be whatever you want it to be, but that smoke comin' out of that happy skeleton's mouth looks like exhaust to me, making that poster quite satirical. also looks like that's no regular happy skeleton but its actually death. that poster's got all kinds of layered meanings