Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some people just don't get it

Seems like the word is getting out around Tucson. So much so that a reporter decided to write a little story on the UAR titled "Tucson event mixing booze and bicycling sends bad message". made it all the way to USA Today.

Of course she didn't do any fact checking to see if what she was ranting about was actually was part of the event. No Andrea, UAR riders don't drink DURING the ride. You kidding me? Perhaps ask if this is the case before writing a story on it? It's true that an event where people booze it up, then race bikes through the streets would be a tad bit dangerous. Kinda like the 'Running of the Bulls" but with cars instead of bulls.

Luckily, she was tried by the Tucson Court of Public Opinion...and lost. Check out the comments. Despite the comment that the writer is signing up for the Tucson UAR, she has yet to register. Don't fret Andrea, we won't be TOO hard on you. Who knows maybe you'll become a beer, bikes, and big wheel convert after all. One powerslide on the bigwheel is all it takes.

In other news, we got these snappy cycling caps in....
We'll have them at the UARs and for sale on our blog very soon. We'll also have 4 different non-cycling caps, 2 different socks, and armwarmers!
Our man Tim headed out to Tucson yesterday and is traveling the western lands as we speak. The trailer is loaded with 3 all-new a few past favorites. You all are going to love them!

The bonus quiz went up this morning. It's not as hard as in past years, but I did get to throw in: Snarf from the Thundercats, Samantha from 'who's the boss?', and Howard the Duck - among other very important topics.

Tomorrow, the 1st Tucson Mystery Checkpoint clue goes up...and this weekend....the 1st UAR of 2009. Thanks for reading folks!

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  1. Way to go Andrea....

    Thanks for the continued updates! I can't wait to hear how the first event of '09 pans out. You guys rock.