Thursday, April 9, 2009

the final week before the the craziness ensues

without any particular order, here are some things of interest as of late...

We found some cool invisible bikes which we're trying to integrate this year. The problem is, we keep misplacing them and when we find them we always end up stubbing our toes on them. Maybe they're not the best idea after all.

Here's the killer new N.E.R.D/Santogold song...being performed with a rather blonde and bouncy audience. I'm going to learn Pharrel's dance stylins and showcase them on stage at the UAR. You'll see. I remember watching MTV's spring break when I was a kid, thinking that this was exactly what college was like. It's pretty much true - but the studying part I don't miss.

And for you Borat fans (one of my alltime favorites) here's the new Bruno trailer. This one is NC17 so beware. Seriously - I can't wait. I'll be there opening day.

New obstacle equipment for the season. Can you guess what the obstacles will be?

New UAR hats have shipped to us. Pace - the company that makes them says they're "tight". Black hats, white stripe, UAR drip logo....good lookin'. We'll have them up for grabs as soon as we can.

OK - off to a solid day on the 'puter. I bid the best of rides to you all.

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