Monday, May 4, 2009

Back from Nashville!

We're back in Colorado after a soggy trip to Tennessee. We had rain almost everyday, but the kind folks of Nashville took care of us.

Many thanks to John and Nat with New Belgium, The Melrose for offering up their pad for a killer big wheel course and PPU spot, Cumberland Transit for building up the bikes/wrenching/and coming out in the rain, Freddie/Drew and all the Walk Bike Nashville Crew for your help, Halycon/Oasis center for sending out a crew of willing helpers, Brittany at Whole Foods for the tasty post-ride treats....and last but not least - Mother Nature for not dumping on us!

The weather report said that Race Day had "a chance of life-threatening flooding" - but fortunately not much rain came down on Sunday. And that whole pig-flu...that couldnt keep us away either.
Here are our winners, Jenni and Matt. Congrats on a great ride in Nashville. Enjoy your new Cruisers - lucky!

Thanks to everybody for celebrating beer bikes and big wheels with us!
- the UAR Crew


  1. Thank you so much for coming to Nashville! The event was a blast - smooth, fun and I've been talking it up ever since. Despite the weather please please come back next year. I will personally rally more people to come and do the race too. Awesome event, amazing prizes and loved the limbo contest - what a riot! Two weekends ago was the Nashville marathon and the weather was stunning and fingers crossed the Nashville Urban Assault will get the same amazing weather!

  2. Thanks for a great event. We had a blast even with the suspect weather. Come back again next year and we promise to have a ton more riders. Lots of folks were excited/ (disappointed they didn't participate) when they heard the post race reports.

    Team Hellgrammite

  3. Thanks for a great event. We had a blast even with the suspect weather. Come back again next year. We promise to have a ton more folks riding next time. Several folks were excited about the event after they heard our post race reports.

  4. I gotta see more puddle push-ups. Come back to Nashville next year, and we'll guarantee you perfect weather.