Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nash and other things of interest

We're still waiting on the official photog's pics from Nashville. In the meantime, we found a couple here: Nashville Scene Photos
We'll keep you posted on photos when they come. Sorry for the delay.
  • Specialized sent us some bikes to display at the UARs. The model that peaks the most interest is the navy blue Globe San Fran 3. It's rockin an internal geared DISC hub, hydraulic discs, led light stem, bear claw pedals, and a cool angled frame. It's a great option for cruising around town in style and speed. Check it out at the next UAR.
  • this evening, I'm sampling a new beer from a local brewery called UpSlope. It's an IPA, which I'm fond of in the warm temps, AND its main ingredient is 'snowmelt'. For real? Or is all 'water' actually snow melt? One way or the other, 7.2% is doing the trick. And it's served up in cans. Seems to be the new trend in CO breweries - cans that is.
  • Speaking of cans, I was happy to see my old standby/daily drinker Sunshine Wheat, available in aluminum style. The experts say that aluminum is the prefered way to store beer for best flavor and less light penetration. I guess that's why kegs work so well.
  • it seems that even Lance is experiencing sponsorship woes. I'm sure if push comes to shove, he can just make a new 'special edition' livestrong wristband and finance the team for a decade or so. Must be nice to be Juan Pelota.
  • Nat Ross has been joining the UAR tour this season. We got to share a couple beers in Nashville and got to know this MTB hall of famer a bit more. We're working on hitting the local trails in each city the week of each UAR. So, if you've got some trails to share on a Friday am, let us know. We'd appreciate the local tour. Hook us up in Seattle. So far, we're planning on this.
  • Music. Lately, T.I. has been on the play list, as well as Girl Talk, and CCR, and Minor Threat. We have a diverse play list, to say the least. Got something we should be listening to? Send it our way. Please.

Ok - besides that...we're just working away, putting together a bunch on bad-ass days on the bike. We did take shipment of 20 longboards with a new obstacle in store. We'll be kicking this one off in Seattle along with some of this action.

Oh....and last but certainly not least the latest NBB UAR hero, Sadie sent us some updated photos.
Das head shot
Sadie riding Peppermint
...and the leggy pose.

We'll have the full Sadie interview soon. But for all of your single dudes out there, Sadie tells me she is newly single and she will be at the FtC UAR in July. So line up at the Fort Collins Urban Assault...and prepare to get your ball bearings ridden off.

So for now, peace, bikes, and big wheels...

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  1. I wanna hear more about the longboards!!!!!!!!!! -swift