Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Sol!

UAR friend and friend in general, Soliolio Frost took home a big win in Houston recently. Check it out. He says he learned this attack style from my 1 kilo sprint starts in TX mountain bike races. Well...if so, very well applied my man.

In other news...just a few more days until the 2nd annual PDX NBB UAR (That's Portland New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride - for the acronym-impaired). There have been some rather unique contests to win team entries:

Here's the 1st from the Portland Mercury (no we didn't come up with this one)
Here's the winner:

Interesting indeed. Hopefully we'll see this dude at the race.

Next, Barb at Portland's Bike Gallery set up a Haiku contest.

And the winner is...

Go By Bike they say

Urban assault ride, hooray

Drink Fat Tire all day

Nice work Peter Koonce. You are a man after my own heart. The 1st few rounds of Fat Tire are on me!

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