Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keeping the theme going...

Here's another nice use of BMX in a video. This time choreographed...with Donnie Darko-esque masks. Spooky and awesome.

It's a rainy day today and a good excuse to do some things that I normally don't do. I bought a couple books to read: Brave New Word by Huxley and BIg Sur by Kerouac. The Olympics are on in the background and the dogs are all sleeping. There's a Cannondale roadbike frame in the garage I'm thinking about making in to a singlespeed for the winter. Maybe I'll take on that project today.

I still can't believe Phelp's .01 margin of victory in the 100m Butterfly. They better REALLY trust their timing technology. That's THE smallest margin of victory possible. Somebody up there is really pulling for this double-jointed-knee, long ass torso dude. Pretty damn impressive one way or another. Swimming is hard. I like bikes instead.

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