Tuesday, August 26, 2008

some things to enjoy

I found myself watching Spike Jonze videos today. If you don't know about Spike - you need to.

I first heard of Spike when I was into freestyle BMX when I was 12. My Dad took me to Wizard Publications in Torrance to check out the magazine offices. I met Spike and Mark 'Lew' Lewman...but I mainly drooled over the bikes they had on the racks to test out. Little did I know that I was in the presence of the dude that come up with this creativity....

Lots of skate videos like
And this

His Jackass appearance
His Most famous movie

Some cool music videos
Like this (he's the lead dancer)
and this
and this (MTV video of the year)

And some sweet commercials
like this
and this

But this is my all-time favorite. I once requested this on an Austin video show and they played it. It made my day.

And I just found out about this:
Spike's adaptation of the book Where the Wild Things Are. My Mom used to read this to me all the time as a kid. I'll be there opening night - no doubt.

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