Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Madtown and random topics

We're in the lovely state of Wisconsin spending some time with la familia before the UAR. Jackie's from Menomonee Falls, so she's pretty much a local. We've been to bike shops, coffee shops, breweries and I have to say that Wisconsin is a very cool place for this lifestyle.

Last time we were here, it was in the middle of a blizzard, so it's good to see the weather behaving itself. And it looks like this weekend's going to be another beautiful couple days.

We've got about 50 Trek employees coming out to race in the UAR this weekend. They'll have just finished rocking out TrekWorld, the big dealer show, so we anticipate they'll be ready to get their ride and drink on. We'll make sure we have plenty of beer! Hopefully somebody will have a few too many and put a couple of these bad boys in our trailer.

I have to say that we're pretty darn lucky to travel to all these cool cities when the weather is good. Poor Austin is setting records with like 50 days over 100. Sheesh. I don't know how I used to do it. Good ol global warming. Pretty soon we're all going to just burn up. For real.

On our last newsletter, we asked folks to send us their ideas for new UAR cities. We've had some interesting ideas: Lihue Kauaii (love to make it, but how would we get our gear there?), Joplin MO (Ummm. no), Flagstaff AZ (YES - we're coming next year!), and of course lots of requests to come back to SoCal (build some bike lanes and were there) and Dallas (LA with a cowboy hat). Keep the ideas coming - and tell us why.

We're soon going to visit our friends at Capital Brewery. We met this brewery from our friend Brian, who's now working on 'stronger' drinks. Brian tells me he's got a bottle of whiskey to check out. I'm down. Last year he hooked us up with some Vodka. And I like that it's all locally made. Does that make it officially moonshine?

Ok...that's all for now. We're about to go kayak for a bit. This is the land of the lakes and they're calling us.

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