Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a bright new day

I've never been very political - sure I've voted in the past elections ever since I was legal, but this election was different. If there's one positive thing that Bush did while in office, it's create a huge level of awareness of what could happen if you elect the wrong person....and how bad things can be. I mean really - the environment, the economy, health care, the war.
This pretty much sums up how I feel:

The times they are a changing and I'm genuinely happy that we'll have a new president that to me represents change in a big way. So to reflect my happiness, I thought I'd share some happy little photos from this week so far.
There was a big group of HUGE black horses I saw on a ride. We see lots of horses around here, but there was something very special about these guys. Three cars were stopped and people were petting them. I stopped and admired this mom and colt.
JackieJack on the way to the Obama office yesterday am. We offered our day to get people into the polls. There were a TON of volunteers. No wonder it was such a landslide victory.
I offered to ride people to the polls on the back of my tandem. Not too many takers, but I tried! Next time, I'll have to spearhead a tandem poll-taxi service.
I guess it's getting cold outside since I found this rather daring mousie kicking it on my messenger bag in my office. We trapped it with some peanut butter and took it across the street to the park. Hopefully it's not fox food now!
I took Maple for a run just before the results started coming in. Here's her Dumbo look.

OK - time to hit the road before the snow and wind come in! Carter Lake, here I come.

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